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Moo Lohkenn - improvisierter Gesang - Improvised Music & Free Jazz from Wuppertal


Moo Lohkenn, born Hagen (Westfalia), Germany works/has worked mostly in the field of jazz and improvised music in setups ranging from soloist to big band with common and unusual instrumentations as leader, co-leader and side woman. She has given concerts throughout Germany, in a number of European countries and in the US, including Moers Festival (22-players-ensemble / WDR-production) and Vision Festival/NYC (guest voice with Cooper-Moore Triptych Myth). She has been featured on a New York City jazz station (Moo Lohkenn Source Of Sound with Leonard Jones on bass and Lou Grassi on drums) as well as on radio stations in Italy (Moo Lohkenn Time Voice, a solo project with vocal and electronic-live-time-effects).

She played a.o. with Leonard Jones, Lou Grassi, Alan Silva, Willi Kellers, Thomas Borgmann, Ab Baars, Johannes Bauer, Terry Jenoure, Alberto Braida, Jaki Liebezeit, Achim Krämer, Frank Köllges Orchester, Peter Kowald Ort Ensemble & Butch Morris/Evan Parker/Carlos Zingaro/Le Quan Ninh, Cooper-Moore Triptych Myth, Gunter Hampel European Trio, Jan Klare The Dorf...

In the work with own projects her "speech" includes fusing a variety of improvisational methods and combining them with playing concepts, compositions and lyrics of her own. Occasionally she also takes part in interdisciplinary collaborations involving dance, spoken word/poetry, drama, the visual arts and video/film.

Since a good amount of time Moo Lohkenn is engaged in an intensive research process in an area that could be called "knowledge about/oldest way of communication with energetic environment". Digging for the roots of the more-or-less-died-out-tradition of her own culture in this area, she also studies with "specialists" from living himalayan traditions to verify and structure what has been found. This research process also...touches...the origins of human sound production and the musical use of the human voice...

CD & Samples
(Headphones recommended)

Trace in Mirror - CD mit improvisierter Musik, Gesang, von Moo Lohkenn  


"...vocalist Lohkenn who uses her voice like a powerful swooping and diving weapon. Sometimes...her wordless shouts mix with Grassi's volcanic drumming in a way that recalls Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach. On other pieces she cries, moans and wails as though she is entering a trance state. ...Five Colours is a guttural scat fest and...Out of the way to Lohkenn actually singing lyrics in a forceful gospel-blues voice. Her voice throughout this disc is sensual and enveloping and with this stellar rhythm section she weaves spells of startling power."
Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine (NYC/USA)

"European vocalist Moo Lohkenn, performing with the Cooper-Moore trio, introduced yodel-like singing and high-pitched scatting into the musical equation to expand creative boundaries." All About Jazz (USA)

"...unbounded use of her voice..." Jazzrytmit (FIN)

"The vocalist (Moo Lohkenn) hits the ground somewhere between Linda Sharrock and Shelley Hirsch."
Dogon Research (UK)

" fantastico vocalista chamado Moo Lohkenn." Improvisos Ao Sul (E)

"The singer Moo Lohkenn fascinates with the extraordinarily multi-facetted use she makes of her voice."
Neue Luzerner Zeitung (CH)

"These are sounds that first of all engage the mind, in order to then trace the long way to the soul from there. Lohkenn's voice is smoky and dry and embraces a diversity that could almost be frightening. (She) has mastered everything one could wish for in a good singer in terms of voice technique." Melodiva (D)

"She sang passages in an almost operatic manner, moving into typical jazz, and integrated in her music the most unusual sounds one can get out of a voice. Oriental sounds curled up closely to standard blues." WR (D)

"The noises and sung passages of sound artist Moo Lohkenn serve to transport her listeners into something akin to a state of trance." WAZ (D)

" of the great voices in contemporary jazz." WZ (D)


Free music vocalist, Gesang und Stimme, contemporary jazz from Wuppertal, Germany.


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